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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?
This simply means your host would manage server infrastructure, WordPress installs, core updates, full security and implementation of plugins, speed, security, and more.

Why Should You Use Managed WordPress Hosting?
In simpler terms, Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to focus on blogging while your host handles all the technical sides of things; server, core updates, security fixes, etc. This also doesn’t prevent you from installing your choice of theme or plugin.

Imagine a newspaper editor having to worry about how the paper would be printed, the type of paper, if it’s supply is going to meet it’s demand, transportation. Having to deal with all these things would affect the content of the newspaper which is what the editor should really be worried about. Managed WordPress Hosting takes away all the stress and you get to focus on the thing you really should be focused on – Blogging.

Managed WordPress hosting servers are configured specifically for WordPress.

In a given period of say 5 minutes, the content on your website has not changed, so when 200 people come to your site in that span, we don’t go to the database 200 times, we serve a cached version of your site straight from memory. – Pressable

You don’t really have to worry about hackers when you’re on Managed WordPress Hosting. Although nothing is truly hacker-proof, Managed WordPress Hosting providers do a good job of fending off these attacks on your WordPress site.

We feel that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unlike others that outsource their malware cleanup to 3rd parties, we developed PRESSARMOR™ to help prevent it from even happening. All our network traffic is inspected by redundant Imperva application firewalls managed by our partner Firehost. Our custom rule set blocks nefarious requests in numbers well beyond a standard configuration. Real-time malware and virus scanning, separate users accounts, secured FTP, and VPN based ssh access for our admin team all ensure your site is as safe as it can be. – Pagely

Most successful bloggers are those who pick a niche in which they have a high level of expertise, the various Managed WordPress Hosting teams are highly knowledgeable when it comes to WordPress. They are WordPress experts who are ready to provide any assistance you may need.

Typical shared hosting companies care about one thing, and that’s keeping their cost as low as possible. They may staff low-paid entry-level employees who don’t know the first thing about WordPress, and they use less-expensive servers. You may have learned first-hand that typical cheap providers will shut your site down if you get too much traffic. At WP Engine, we don’t do that. We source the fastest bare-metal hardware, then set you up on a cluster of servers with the fastest caching out there. We hire the experts—and pay them well. If you run a WordPress site and need the highest level of security, stability, and support, WP Engine is your best choice. – WP Engine

Managed WordPress Hosts provide you with daily backups of your site which can help you restore easily if things go wrong.

Managed WordPress Hosting providers have built a solid architecture that keeps your site running even if you get a massive spike in traffic. This is where Shared Hosting fails woefully because when things go your way and there’s a sudden spike in traffic, your site might just go to sleep on you.

Automatic Updates
Whether it’s major WordPress updates or just simple bug fixes, Managed WordPress Hosting providers handle updates for you automatically.

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